Corporate social responsibility activities are a significant segment in our Company management.

As a socially-oriented company, LUKOIL SRBIJA AD has been providing citizens, children's homes, educational and medical institutions with all kinds of assistance ever since entering the market. The most prominent projects are aimed at supporting local administrations, cultural and spiritual heritage, and family 

On April 29, 1999, during NATO aggression on the then Serbia and Montenegro, the Avala Tower, the Belgrade landmark, was destroyed in bombing raids. The tower reconstruction campaign and collecting of funds began in 2004. LUKOIL SRBIJA AD was the first company to allocate funds for its rebuilding.

In 11 towns in Serbia, together with local administration bodies, LUKOIL SRBIJA AD has organized delivery of New Year gifts and equipment to children without parental care in the Social Welfare Centre, protégés of the School for children with hearing and speech disorders in Jagodina, children placed in foster families in Niš, as well as children placed in children's boarding school "Sigurna kuća" in Novi Sad, the Department of Surgery in Zaječar, pupils of the  Special Primary School in Čačak, children in preschool facilities in Belgrade, Novi Pazar, Vranje, Valjevo and Subotica.

Afterwards, around mid-March 2009, “LUKOIL SRBIJA” AD donated 250 000 RSD to the Children and Youth Institute in Belgrade. These funds were allocated for 40 matrasses for children’s beds. 48 children under 14 years of age are accommodated in this institution. Some of them suffer severe mental illnesses and developmental disorders. Owing to the Company support, the Leisure House, a part of this facility, was furnished in 2011.

Extensive collaboration with the University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics aimed at promotion of Russian science and business. Since 2012, competitions for students and postgraduates have been organized for the best scientific work about oil business.

In order to remediate the consequences of the floods that hit Serbia in May 2014, the company LUKOIL SERBIA AD has allocated humanitarian aid of 80,000 liters of euro diesel.

In addition, the Solidarity Fund of the Coordination Committee of trade union organizations LUKOIL SERBIA paid the one-time assistance in the amount of 60,000 dinars to each employee who suffered material damage in this natural disaster. Funds were raised among employees in the company, who sent one-day salary to help victims of the floods in Serbia. These funds are paid into a dedicated account of the Government of Serbia.

In solidarity with the Serbian people over 400 employees of the company LUKOIL Macedonia allocated a daily wage in order to help repairing the consequences of this natural disaster.

Within the social project realized as a part of the 10th Company anniversary celebration, the primary school "Nada Purić" in Valjevo was given teaching aids: five computers, interactive board and projector. The winners of athletic and art competitions were given school supplies.

The School for Children with Special Needs "Sava Jovanović Sirogojno", Zemun, was donated a sensory room, the high technology teaching and therapeutic aid.

In addition, aid in the form of blankets, pillows, bed linen, towels, cookware and accessories was delivered to Institution for adults and elderly in Leskovac and Founding home for children and young people “Hristina Markišić” from Aleksinac.

With the aim of improvement of conditions for motivating young people for education as well as fostering good relations with the local community, LUKОIL SRBIЈА AD donated computer equipment to the Ćuprija educational institutions: 40 PCs with monitors, no longer used by the employees, were distributed to primary schools, “13 October“, “Vuk Kаrаdžić“, “Đurа Јаkšić“, Ćupriја Grammar School, Ćuprija Medical Secondary School and Ćuprija Secondary Теchnical School, and 12 PCs with monitors to Elementary school “Dositej Obradović” in Belgrade`s municipality Umka.