General Information

LUKOIL SRBIJA d.o.o., the subsidiary of PJSC LUKOIL, is a limited liability company engaged in the distribution of petroleum products, taking the second position in regard to the number of filling stations present in the market of the Republic of Serbia.

The core activity of LUKOIL SRBIJA d.o.o. is focused on creating a modern and efficient retail network, increasing of quality of customer service at the filling stations, providing services, extending FMCG range and enhancing customer loyalty. One of the key directions is conquering European corridors and all relevant main roads in the country.

LUKOIL SRBIJA d.o.o. company's headcount is about 180 people, with additional 800 employees in the partner — dealer network.

In addition to retail, LUKOIL SRBIJA d.o.o. is also engaged in the wholesale of petroleum products. The company offers a wide range of motor oils as well.

All legal entities, entrepreneurs and farmers who wish to reduce and optimize their costs are offered the possibility of using corporate cards for LUKOIL products.

In order to enhance the quality of services rendered at filling stations and upgrade the safety of its clients, LUKOIL SRBIJA d.o.o. performs quality control of petroleum products in the stationary laboratory situated within the oil storage facility Ostružnica.

LUKOIL SRBIJA d.o.o. operates through the network of 113 active filling stations dispersed throughout Serbia, as well as two storage facilities in Doljevac and Ostružnica.

A modern company office building is located in New Belgrade.