02/01/2024 – 02/29/2024

By purchasing a bottle of JAZAK NEGAZIRANA 0.5L with Julius Mainl ESPRESSO or CAPPUCCINO, the consumer gets a COMBO package at a special price!

  • 169 rsd for a combo package that includes espresso and water,

  • 199 rsd for a combo package that includes cappuccino and water.

Prices of combo packages at highway gas stations are:

  • 259 rsd for a combo package that includes espresso and water,

  • 299 rsd for a combo package that includes cappuccino and water.

The promotion does not apply to double coffee drinks.

02/01/2024 – 03/31/2024

LUKOIL SERBIA has prepared a new promotion for its consumers, in which by purchasing chocolates and candies through the mobile application, they are entitled to double points.


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LUKOIL SERBIA is launching a new promotion in the loyalty program at its gas stations, and users of the white loyalty card and virtual card after buying five coffees will receive the sixth coffee free.

With LUKOIL loyalty card, you can buy Julius Meinl Espresso, Espresso with milk, Americano and Macchiato at special price of 115 dinars at LUKOIL SERBIA gas stations!


While the others wait you go through!

ETS devices and prepayment you can find at 11 LUKOIL SRBIJA gas stations.

01/01/2023 - 12/31/2023

The company "LUKOIL SERBIA" in cooperation with Banca Intesa  prepared special benefits for its customers. 

Discounts apply to retail prices and LUKOIL reserves the right to change the amount of the discount until the end of the year. From March 1, 2023 customers are intiteled to from 2 to 6 RSD discounts.

  • Discount 2-6 RSD

01/01/2023 – 12/31/2023

A novelty in the LUKOIL SRBIJA loyalty program offer – roadside assistance in cooperation with the company COFUS Asistencije. 

ll existing and new LUKOIL loyalty card holders will be able to purchase roadside assistance packages under very favorable conditions. Thanks to the LUKOIL Assistance program, LUKOIL loyalty card is able to provide its clients with the possibility to service information and organize roadside assistance, on-site vehicle repairs, vehicle transportation in the event of a malfunction or accident, continued travel by alternative transportation means, or accommodations and other services in Serbia, as well as countries in the region and Europe.

The COFUS program offers three packages: Start, Plus and Premium, while customers need only show their LUKOIL Loyalty Card, as a means of identification, to be able to use the benefits of roadside assistance.

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