05/23/2024 – 06/30/2024

Take advantage of the benefits of using the LUKOIL SERBIA mobile application and get 10 dinars discount per liter of ECTO fuels immediately at the "LUKOIL SERBIA" d.o.o. gas stations.

Owners of all loyalty cards except the AGRO card have the right to an instant discount during the action.

And that is not all! By purchasing through the mobile application during the promotion period owners of loyalty card for natural persons receive another 4 points per liter, which they can use during their next purchase.

06/01/2024 – 06/30/2024

By purchasing chopped pork and Pepsi 0.5l at highway gas stations, the consumer receives a COMBO package at a special price of 259 dinars!

04/22/20234– 07/22/2024

“LUKOIL SRBIJA” has prepared for its clients the special offer – LUMAX, ROSBERG, BUGATTI, BORMIOLI and RICHARDSON SHEFFIELD programs at specially discounted price.

When purchasing goods from the supplementary range and paying for services (except when buying tobacco products, hot non-alcoholic drinks, press, products that are currently on sale, products that are bought with a discount achieved by using points, laundry and vacuum cleaner tokens and mobile phone and ETS recharge payments), the user has the right to receive points in the amount of 5% of the bill amount with the mobile application LUKOIL SRBIJA.

With the LUKOIL plastic loyalty card you can achieve significant savings in the countries of LUKOIL Regional Organization, an Republic of Bulgaria as well. If the road takes you to Croatia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia or Bulgaria at the LUKOIL petrol stations you can get discounts when buying fuel and specific consumer goods.

At LUKOIL SERBIA gas stations, we will treat you to delicious chopped pork. Take a break in our cozy highway restaurants.

At LUKOIL SERBIA gas stations, we will treat you to delicious pancakes. Choose your favorite flavor - with apricot jam or nougat cream and take a break in our cozy highway restaurants.

With the LUKOIL loyalty card, you can buy a certain types of Julius Meinl coffee at a price of 129 dinars at LUKOIL SERBIA gas stations!

These conditions do not apply at highway stations.

LUKOIL SERBIA is launching a new promotion in the loyalty program at its gas stations, and users of the white loyalty card and virtual card after buying five coffees will receive the sixth coffee free.

While the others wait you go through!

ETS devices and prepayment you can find at 11 LUKOIL SRBIJA gas stations.

Parcel machines have been installed at eight LUKOIL SERBIA gas stations in Belgrade in cooperation with the company Epaket. Epaket parcel machines enable users to safely and comfortably send, collect and return packages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service is facilitated by the Epaket application, which was created for quick and easy sending and receiving packages at any time, as well as for personal management of your own shipments, payment with payment cards or the "IPS scan" system of the National Bank of Serbia.

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01/01/2023 – 12/31/2023

A novelty in the LUKOIL SRBIJA loyalty program offer – roadside assistance in cooperation with the company COFUS Asistencije. 

ll existing and new LUKOIL loyalty card holders will be able to purchase roadside assistance packages under very favorable conditions. Thanks to the LUKOIL Assistance program, LUKOIL loyalty card is able to provide its clients with the possibility to service information and organize roadside assistance, on-site vehicle repairs, vehicle transportation in the event of a malfunction or accident, continued travel by alternative transportation means, or accommodations and other services in Serbia, as well as countries in the region and Europe.

The COFUS program offers three packages: Start, Plus and Premium, while customers need only show their LUKOIL Loyalty Card, as a means of identification, to be able to use the benefits of roadside assistance.

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