Loyalty cards

With LUKOIL SRBIJA Loyalty Card we give you the opportunity to maximize cost optimization and upgrade your business operations through simple cashless payment system available for the entire range of goods and services and  on-line monitoring via web application (the remaining limit under the Contract, the remaining limit per card, invoice due date, card activation and deactivation...), Call-Centre services available 24 hours, seven days a week. LUKOIL SRBIJA is offering you to upload its Mobile App and digitize your loyalty card and use the services that LUKOIL is introducing on the Serbian market, which contribute to consumer comfort.


Starting with the summer season of 2021, with the LUKOIL plastic loyalty card you can achieve significant savings in the countries of LUKOIL MBRO as well. If the road takes you to Croatia, Montenegro or Northern Macedonia at the LUKOIL petrol stations you can get discounts when buying fuel and additional products (except cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, ice cream, newspapers, refills for mobile phones and TAGs, LPG bottles, AD BLUE bulk, internet cards and COFUS packages).

The discount you get when refuelling with the LUKOIL plastic loyalty card in Croatia and Montenegro is 1% of the retail price of fuel at the gas station, while in Macedonia this discount is 0.50 denars per litter of fuel purchased. The cost reduction for wide range of consumer goods in Croatia and Montenegro is 3% of the retail prices displayed on the shelves with those items, while in Northern Macedonia the discount for this product category is 1%.

From 2024, you can also use Cross-acceptance benefits and discounts on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria: 0.05 BGN/L on ECTO fuels, 0.05 BGN/L on standard derivatives Euro 95 and Diesel, 0.03 BGN/L on LPG/ CNG and 3% for consumer goods.


Every Card owner automatically becomes a member of the LUKOIL Club. As a member, you are enabled access to personal account at URL:, where you can always get information on the status of collected/used points and liters as well as a clear history of all former purchases. Furthermore, you may get the same information using free call service to Contact Centre # 0800 222 882.

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