The Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Andreja Mladenović, the General Manager of the company "LUKOIL SRBIJA" Igor Semeničev and the directors of CEBEF Nataša Ilić, Dom omladine Nenad Dragović and the Youth Theatre "Dadov" Vladimir Mijović, signed a tripartite agreement today at the Old Palace on financial support to these three institutions for the implementation of projects during 2017. These agreements were signed as part of LUKOIL’S financing of city projects in the fields of sports, culture, science and social welfare.

Expressing satisfaction at the signing of this agreement, the Deputy Mayor recalled the good cooperation which the City of Belgrade enjoys with the company "LUKOIL".

‟This cooperation is first and foremost reflected in assistance during the implementation of cultural programs and the promotion of certain spaces where LUKOIL, as a socially responsible company, recognizes the importance of investing in something that is not their activity. It is therefore my pleasure to be able to announce upcoming events which will take place thanks to the good cooperation between the City of Belgrade and its cultural institutions and the company 'LUKOIL'. This is also a message to all the other socially responsible companies who enjoy cultural manifestations that they can help the City maintain them and thus make a more beautiful and better life in Belgrade"noted Andreja Mladenović.

The General Manager of the company "LUKOIL SRBIJA" Igor Semeničev stressed that the signing of these agreements means that important cultural projects will be implemented. "I am very glad that we have the ability to implement such projects and ideas which is why I am convinced that our good cooperation will continue into the future", noted Semeničev.

"I wish to thank the City of Belgrade and the LUKOIL not only for recognizing FEST as one of the most important cultural events to take place in the City but for believing that investing in culture is important. This is a show of strong support for all cultural institutions because we know that there is someone who is thinking about us and investing in our programs" Nataša Ilić said speaking for CEBEF, the organizer of a number of cultural events in Belgrade.

Nenad Dragović thanked LUKOIL for recognizing Dom omladine as an institution whose programs are worth investing in while showing gratitude to the City of Belgrade pledging that this institution would give back to the City with the quality of its programs.

The Director of "Dadov", Vladimir Mijović recalled that LUKOIL is a long-standing partner of this institution during the organization of the "Days of Belgrade". "This year, ‘Days of Belgrade’ will be devoted to celebrating 150 years from the handing over of the keys to the City so that the various programs to be held at Kalemegdan present a challenge to us and I hope that our collaboration will continue in the future as well", Mijović stated. The agreement worth two million dinars means that in addition to the "Days of Belgrade", LUKOIL will help the "Dadov" in the implementation of the 5th International Folklore Festival (FIDAF) to be held in Belgrade from June 02 – 08 and which will host 15 ensembles from as many countries and 450 guests.

This recently signed agreement, worth 22.5 million dinars, is a continuation of the cooperation between Belgrade and the company "LUKOIL" in implementation and financing projects in the fields of sports, culture, science and social welfare.

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