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​​LUKOIL SRBIJA AD company responded to a call from the head of the Temple of the Holy Great Martyr George in Valjevo to help landscape the park and playground that are part of the Temple’s complex located at Vladika Nikolaj I Square. The company allocated one dinar from each liter of LUKOIL EKTO fuel sold at its three gas stations in Valjevo from March 15 to May 31 of this year. In this way, the Company and the citizens of Valjevo gave their contribution to the arrangement of the basketball court, where a new construction and basketball hoop, two benches and a waste basket were placed, which complemented the park with facilities for children and youth.​

A basketball court with a new hoop and construction are once again available to youth for use at the Vladika Nikolaj I Square in Valjevo. In the presence of representatives of the Church Municipality of Novovaljevska, representatives of the Valjevo Sports Association, representatives of LUKOIL SRBIJA management, as well as employees from LUKOIL SRBIJA gas stations in Valjevo, the court was opened with a 3 on 3 basketball competition for junior categories.

"We sent a letter to LUKOIL in order to complete the playground and the children's park. A positive answer arrived very quickly. We asked for it to be related to the basketball court, and we would like to express our great affection and gratitude to the LUKOIL company, because the children will gather here and play sports,” said priest Dalibor Čkojić. He explained that it was the only square in Novo Naselje. With the construction of the Temple in 2000, this became a central place with and a school and a kindergarten nearby.

"We organized an activity at our gas stations so that our children and youth would have a place to spend their time and play sports in order to spend less time in front of a computer and whatever else keeps them indoors." The activity lasted for two months and we managed to raise enough funds to be able to complete our project. The activity was in effect during the pandemic as well,” said Dragoljub Stanković, head of the Department of Operational Management and Retail of Petroleum Products at LUKOIL SERBIA.

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