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​"LUKOIL SRBIJA" AD company has reconstructed its "Polom 1" gas station on the newly built section of Corridor 10, in order to provide all users with a modern place to rest, refuel and purchase other goods and services along one of the most important pan-European transport corridors.

The reconstructed gas station in Vladiиin Han was ceremoniously opened by the General Director of LUKOIL SRBIJA, Denis Ryupin, in the presence of representatives of local government bodies.

By putting this modern facility into operation, General Director Denis Ryupin pointed out that the Company has invested in the reconstruction of the facility because it wants to provide consumers and passengers with the quality of its fuel and other products, as well as services on this important road. All modern European standards and environmental regulations have been respected. He pointed out that LUKOIL works, lives and wants to develop its business in this area in the future, expressing satisfaction that consumers will find comfort and reliable quality at this gas station, and employees will have excellent working conditions.

On the occasion of the opening of the reconstructed facility, LUKOIL SRBIJA organized a special promotion, within which the first 100 consumers, who purchase fuel or goods from the additional range of products, regardless of the amount, will receive a gift of their choice - cockpit spray or car air freshener.

Equipped in accordance with modern European standards, while respecting all environmental and safety requirements, this gas station offers consumers high quality fuels, including branded "ECTO" derivatives that have specific features that allow simultaneous safekeeping of engine elements, greater fuel efficiency and economy. In the store, consumers can purchase consumer goods: from food to car cosmetics and car parts, as well as LUKOIL motor oils of guaranteed quality in their original packaging. The new restaurant within the facility provides comfort and a quality offer of various food products, refreshing drinks and the impeccable aroma of coffee of the world-famous brand Julius Meinl.

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