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​Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Andreja Mladenović and General Director of LUKOIL SRBIJA AD, Beograd Denis Ryupin signed a cooperation agreement at The Old Palace today. Along with the agreement, individual agreements on the allocation of funds were signed with the Director of the Youth Center Nenad Dragović, the Director of the Dadov Youth Theater Vladimir Mijović and Acting Director of CEBEF Damir Handanović. The signing of the agreement was attended by the Secretary of Culture Ivan Karl. These agreements foresee that the projects of three cultural institutions, with a total value of RSD 20 million, will be financed during the following year.

Mladenović pointed out that the traditional cooperation with LUKOIL company represents a great relationship with one, according to all standards, global company. "For several years in a row, we have been signing such agreements with LUKOIL company, which has fully recognized the importance of social responsibility, helping important cultural events in the city within which it operates. Next year, FEST will turn 50 years, The March Festival will turn 70, and they are among the oldest events not only in Europe but all over the world. The image of our city is also represented by the Days of Belgrade, Days of Freedom, The Jazz Festival and I am very glad that LUKOIL SRBIJA company has recognized the importance of bringing its activities closer to its users through cultural events", said Mladenović.

Secretary of Culture Ivan Karl thanked LUKOIL for helping the city's events, and especially, as the chairman of the FEST board, pointed out that these funds will be important during the celebration of the festival's jubilee.

General Director of LUKOIL SRBIJA Denis Ryupin said that this is a multi-year cooperation and that helping the cultural program of the City of Belgrade represents a great honor for the company. "We want to be part of a team that supports cultural programs in Belgrade. LUKOIL SRBIJA is a Serbian company, a large part of our employees live in Belgrade and it is very important to us that such programs are held in the capital and that young people in Belgrade have the opportunity to develop with these multifaceted projects", Ryupin said.

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