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The “Days of Freedom 2021“ event, which marks the liberation of Belgrade in the First and Second World Wars, is being held with the support of LUKOIL SRBIJA from October 20 to November 1. This project is part of the partnership between the Company and the City of Belgrade, which was concluded by the Cooperation Agreement in the field of support for projects of culture, education, sports and ecology and has been successfully implemented for many years.

Part of the Program designed to nurture the culture of memory will be held immediately before and after these two important historical dates, as announced at the press conference in the Old Palace, which was attended by the LUKOIL SRBIJA General Manager, Denis Ryupin. The event is held in the executive production of the Youth Theater Dadov and the Secretariat for Culture, with the technical support of the Secretariat for Defense, Emergency Situations, Communication and Coordination of Public Relations and includes concerts, one-act plays, performances and open-air exhibitions at the Republic Square. The Artistic Director of the Program is the award-winning Serbian writer Aleksandar Gatalica.

Mayor Prof Zoran Rаdојičić, PhD thanked everyone who participated in the preparation and organization of this event of great importance for the city and announced that on November 1, visitors will have the opportunity to see a play based on the motifs of the novel The Great War by Alexander Gatalica, which will be held under Branko’s Bridge (Brankov most), as well as an opera concert that will be performed at the Republic Square.

The Chairman of the “Days of Freedom“ Committee and Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić said that the essence of marking these important dates is not only remembering the heroes, but also the endeavor to make an effort so that the younger generations know what was happening, how many people gave their lives for the freedom of their city.

Assistant to the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Belgrade Alexander Konanihin, Artistic Director of the “Days of Freedom“, writer Aleksandar Gatalica, Lieutenant Colonel of the Serbian Army Miroslav Sekuloski, Secretary of Culture of the City of Belgrade Ivan Karl, conductors Dejan Sаvić and Leontina Vukоmаnоvić also took part in the press conference. The event was attended by the Assistant Mayor Andreja Mladenović and the Director of the Youth Theater Dadov Vladimir Mijović.

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