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LUKOIL SRBIJA has made a second donation as part of its program for the implementation of socially responsible projects marking 30 years of PAO LUKOIL. Zrenjanin is one of the cities in which the company operates and today the ceremony was organized at the Crvenkapa kindergarten. In the presence of Zrenjanin Mayor Sima Salapura, Principal of the Zrenjanin preschool institution Vladimir Petrović, the collective from the Crvenkapa kindergarten, and member of the women’s volleyball club Klek, HR Manager at LUKOIL SRBIJA Ana Janković handed over equipment and props for basketball, volleyball, mini soccer and physical exercises, to this institution and the children who attend it.

Zrenjanin Mayor Simo Salapura congratulated the jubilee to LUKOIL SRBIJA, thanking for the donation and expressed social responsibility. He also urged other successful companies from the city, and who nurture a solidarity towards public institutions, to follow this example, and the town of Zrenjanin will be a partner to all. 

 «We made contact with our gas station employees through our regional managers, they in turn made suggestions as to where it would be best to invest money. Today, we are handing over to the Crvenkapa kindergarten yard equipment, as well as props for children playing and their leisure time, and we want our children to grow up in a healthy and clean environment, and their development, of course, should be supported by sports. That is why the girls from the first team from the women's volleyball club Klek have made sure that today's event has a sports dimension,» Ana Janković said, noting the company's three-year successful cooperation with the Volleyball Federation of Serbia. She announced a larger reforestation action in the city of Sombor in November.

On behalf of the Zrenjanin preschool institution, the guests were welcomed by Principal Vladimir Petrović, emphasizing that today that the Crvenkapa kindergarten sends out a beautiful picture and that sports equipment and props will contribute to better upbringing and educational work. He emphasized excellent cooperation with the town of Zrenjanin, but also urged other companies to join LUKOIL, because any assistance is welcome and will be used in the best possible way.

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