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Today, on 24 April, at the LUKOIL filling station “Avalski put”, Belgrade, the Grand Prize Giveaway Ceremony of the “LUKOIL SRBIJA” AD Sweepstakes, "May The Energy of Luck Move You Forward" took place. The Grand Prize, VW PASSAT 2.0 TDI, was received by Maćaš Kovač from Bečej. “LUKOIL SRBIJA” business partners and Companie`s Management participated in the festive giveaway ceremony.

The lucky winner, Maćaš Kovač, thanked to the “LUKOIL SRBIJA” representatives and staff of the Bečej filling station. "I am really glad to receive this prize", Kovač, a regular customer at LUKOIL filling stations, said. "I thought that it was some kind of a hidden camera, because I couldn’t believe it could happen to me, as I am a huge sceptic when prize games are in question".

The guests were welcomed by the “LUKOIL SRBIJA” AD CEO, Andrey Kuku. He thanked to the consumers for the trust they have placed in the brand and congratulated to Mr. Kovač. "It is my great pleasure that such a great number of customers participated in the sweepstakes, thus having a chance to convince themselves of the quality of LUKOIL ECTO fuel. We all have the right, as consumers, to look for the best, and ECTO is exactly that", Kuku emphasized.

Within the event program hosted by Nina Lečić, Mr. and Mrs. Kovač offered coffee to all customers who found themselves at that moment at the LUKOIL filling station. LUKOIL SRBIJA Sweepstakes was organised from 5 March to 3 April in four weekly cycles with a total number of 132 prizes: 12 cards in the value of 400 litres for all types of EURO Diesel or EURO Petrol; 40 cards in the value of 100 litres for all types of EURO Diesel or EURO Petrol; and 80 LUKOIL GENESIS PREMIUM 4 L lubricant. In “LUKOIL SRBIJA” Sweepstakes participated all customers who bought motor fuel in the amount equal to or exceeding RSD 2,000 and sent by SMS text message alphanumeric code from the prize sticker they got with the cash register bill at the filling station. The right to compete for the Grand Prize had customers who had five such purchases and got a special prize sticker for the Grand Prize with alphanumeric code to be sent by SMS text message as well. The total number of such SMS text messages exceeded 80,000.

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