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In order to support humane activities, our Company has donated 98 pieces of office furniture for children's institutions in Novi Sad. This activity was organised in dollaboration with the “Life as an Inspiration” Association which has been, for many years, engaged in projects in the field of culture, social protection and education.

Based on information received from the City Administration for Social and Child Welfare, a list of priorities was drawn up which identified eight institutions, of which the greatest need for this kind of help was shown by the Rаdоsnо dеtinjstvо Preschool Institution and Bubica and Milan Petrović kindergartens.

The president of “Life as an Inspiration” Association, Ljiljana Maširević, and the head of the Novi Sad Administration for Social and Child Welfare, Vera Grkavac, expressed gratitude to LUKOIL SRBIJA for the social responsibility they have expressed. "We received a donation in excellent office furniture which we were, in turn, happy to share with others. In cooperation with the City Administration for Social and Child Welfare, 98 pieces of office furniture were distributed to associations and institutions within the territory of the city. We are proud of the fact that we have been able to reciprocate with this gesture because we have enjoyed attention and support from the city for many years. In addition, better equipment will make it easier for everyone to work. Thank you once again to LUKOIL, because only in such a united way do we all send the message that no one is alone and that we can be better through fellowship and philanthropy. The furniture was handed out within the premises of Special Education School Dr Milan Petrović, which also received a portion of the donation".

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