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"LUKOIL SRBIJA" and the Public Enterprise "Zelenilo" signed an Agreement on the Implementation of the Rehabilitation Project of a Large City Park on the Territory of the Municipality of New Belgrade. The project worth 20 million dinars is a part of the long-term cooperation program with the City of Belgrade, which supports the important cultural, ecological, sportive and social programs. 

This Agreement will enable the implementation of a complex project for the rehabilitation of a large city park on the territory of the Municipality of New Belgrade, including development of a preliminary design and then the execution of works on greening, complete renovation of the surface, props and high fence on the basketball court, the construction of a modern children's playground in compliance with all safety standards, as well as the construction of a special part for the rest of senior citizens with the necessary accompanying street furniture. The Public Enterprise “Zelenilo“ will continue the maintenance of this public area after the completion of the project.

General Manager of JP "Zelenilo" Slobodan Stanojević thanked LUKOIL for the donation and the trust shown in the performance of such an important task. LUKOIL SRBIJA is celebrating its jubilee year and in addition to a series of projects aimed at children and young people, the Company will contribute to the community in which it operates through a project that provides new and modern contents to citizens of all ages, and makes one of the most attractive parts of New Belgrade more humane and pleasant to stay in with a wide range of activities.

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