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At the "Lifestyle Personalities of Serbia 2015" Contest in the National Theatre yesterday, organized by the Fashion Agency "Fabrika", "LUKOIL SRBIJA" AD was awarded “Company With a Style" Award as a Company which helped to point to the real values.

At this prestige event, primarily a socially responsible one, with great credibility when the members of the Jury, the award winners and the organization team, are in question, attention was focused on distinguished and notable public figures with authentic and positive attitude towards life and work, also setting a good example for young people and public in general. The Award promotes real personality values, such as authenticity, entrepreneurship, courage, innovation, generosity. Vesna Mandić, Director of the “Fabrika" Fashion Agency emphasized that such election criteria contribute to the fact that the winner biographies draw public attention and offer an example for the young people today.

Thanking for this prestige award, "LUKOIL SRBIJA" AD CEO, Andrey Kuku, added that LUKOIL's lifestyle is: quality, constant search for new technologies and improvement. The President of the Jury was this year as well Ms. Neda Todorović, Professor of Literature at the Belgrade University Faculty of Philosophy, while awards were given in nine categories.

Stefan Velja received the Young Lifestyle Personality Award. The Lifestyle Family Award was given to Sloboda Mićalović and Vojin Ćetković by the President of the Jury, Neda Todorović. The Lifestyle Team Award was given to the young mathematicians of the Mathematical Gymnasium by Dejan Tomašević. The Lifestyle Pair Award was received by Branko Kockica and his wife Caca Aleksić. The Most Stylish Lifestyle Personality this year was declared Professor Neda Todorović. Nebojša Bradić handed the Lifestyle Woman Award to the Historian, Dr. Dubravka Stojanović. The Lifestyle Man Award was given to Dušan Petričić. Lifestyle Personality Award, ranked by journalists, was given to Conductor Bojan Suđić, and handed to him by Jelena Gajšek. Finally, at the end of the award ceremony, the main prize for the Lifestyle Personality 2015 was given to the Violinist Nemanja Radulović.

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