Fuels sold at the "LUKOIL SRBIJA" AD filling stations conform with EU environmental requirements and Euro 5 emission  standards. Thanks to these top-quality engine fuels, work ability and service life of car engines have increased, reducing at the same time fuel consumption and toxicity of exhaust emissions.

At the "LUKOIL SRBIJA" AD filling stations drivers can also buy liquefied petroleum gas LPG.

  • Clean engine injectors

  • 100% engine power

  • Torque increase

  • Fuel economy

  • Reducing the emissions of harmful gases

  • Increase engine power

  • Improved acceleration

  • Fuel economy

ECTO Plus is made thanks to the latest technology inventions to make your driving experience more enjoyable.

For the ones who prefer sport driving, LUKOIL Company developed  a new type of Premium Class — ECTO Sport, EURO unleaded 98-octane petrol.

More strict environmental standards connected with gas emission from modern spark-ignition engines resulted in a need for applying different components added to motor fuels. Such components in ECTO new generation fuels contribute in multiple ways to the engine exploitation and environmental characteristics. LUKOIL ECTO provides fuel economy.

EURO DIESEL is a diesel fuel whose quality ensures full compliance with the requirements of EURO 5 emission standards for passenger and transportation vehicles. Due to low percent of sulphur and aromatics in EURO DIESEL, total toxic air pollutants emissions released into environment are more than two times lower.

EURO DIESEL increases engine work ability, extends the oil change intervals, preserves the function of catalytic neutralizer, thus prolonging the life of the fuel pump. Lukoil EURO DIESEL reduces fuel consumption up to 6 percent.

EURO PREMIUM BMB 95 is a fuel whose quality ensures full compliance  with the requirements of EURO 5 emission standards for passenger vehicles. Compared to unleaded petrol, EURO PREMIUM BMB 95 is characterised with considerably smaller amounts of sulphur (maximum 10 mg/kg) as well as olefin, aromatics and benzene.

"LUKOIL SRBIJA" offers  liquefied petroleum gas  at 66 filling stations, since it is, thanks to its environmentally-friendly, economic and safety advantages, one of today's top selling fuels. Liquefied petroleum gas sold in "LUKOIL SRBIJA" retail network is supplied from the LUKOIL Petrotel Refinery located in Ploiesti, Romania and from third parties.


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