Assistant Mayor and the President of Organizing Committee of the 66th Belgrade Short Film Festival Andreja Mladenović, invited the citizens and guests of Belgrade to visit the 66th show of documentary and short films that will expose a number of novelties and gather a large number of guests, speakers and workshops.

As announced on the occasion of signing the Cooperation Agreement, this most prestigious festival of documentary films in the region is among the projects traditionally supported by LUKOIL.

At the press conference held at the Stari Dvor palace, Mr. Mladenovic announced that the Lifetime achievement award at this year's March Festival will be presented to Bojana Andric, a prominent playwright, screenwriter, television historian and publicist.

The March Festival noticeably cherishes its educational, enlightening and creative role. This year, more than 4000 films of the related genre of the last year’s best national production will be shown, along with a number of already awarded but also the debuts of foreign films, including some famous guests, among them Lordan Zafranović who will have the premiere of his 100th film The Spirit of Time (Duh vremena).

The organizers also announced that the 66th festival will have the world premiere of the documentary film tribute to the famous Russian architect Nikolai Krasnov who left a significant mark in the Serbian capital. The press conference was also attended by the acting Director of the Belgrade Youth Center Nenad Dragović and the selectors of the March Festival.

This year's Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival will be held in the interval 27-31 March at the Belgrade Youth Centre (Dom Omladine Beograd).

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