With the objective of expanding and developing long-term and stable cooperation, according to the Cooperation Agreement for 2019 between the City of Belgrade and LUKOIL and with the aim of providing support to city projects and events Assistant Mayor of Belgrade Andreja Mladenović and General Director of LUKOIL SRBIJA Denis Ryupin signed trilateral contracts with representatives of the DADOV Youth Theater, the Belgrade Youth Center and CEBEF at the Old Palace.

According to Andreja Mladenović, a trilateral contract was signed between the City of Belgrade, LUKOIL company, and city cultural institutions, i.e., the organizers of events taking place in the capital. "The cooperation between the City of Belgrade and LUKOIL improves by the year, becoming more frequent, and I hope that the managers of this company are also satisfied. We believe that it is extremely important for Belgrade to connect, in this manner, with companies operating within its territory. On the other hand, companies recognize the interest, significance and need of their positive impact on the community within which they operate, and which is, at the same time, home to their employees and a large number of their clients. I think that we have managed to do this in the last few years precisely due to our cooperation with LUKOIL company,” said Mladenović.

General Director of LUKOIL SRBIJA Denis Ryupin pointed out that the company, working on the Serbian and Belgrade markets, is aware that it is extremely important for citizens and consumers to recognize it as socially responsible. "Good relations with local governments is necessary for the development of our business, as well as for the community within which we operate. This is the reason why we are, today on the basis of this Agreement which is the cornerstone of our successful partnership cooperation, once again committing ourselves to supporting city projects for the purpose of their efficient implementation,” Ryupin stressed.

CEBEF Director Damir Handanovic welcomed Denis Ryupin to Belgrade and added that everyone involved in this cooperation is proud of the fact that a world-renowned company, such as LUKOIL, is one of the partners. "I am pleased that events of significance for the City of Belgrade have been recognized and I hope that we will work closely together in the years to come," Handanović said.

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