​The firefighting units from Doljevac and Niš conducted an exercise in LUKOIL Serbija's warehouse on the theme of Firefighting at filling stations, on a road tanker and spilled highly-flammable liquids, as well as the protection of overhead reservoirs in the immediate vicinity of filing stations. The exercise proved a successful coordi​nation and cooperation between our employees at the warehouse, as trained firefighters, and professional firefighters.

Members of the staff emphasized the readiness, coordination and speed of the employees response time, which is the result of trainings carried out during various exercises in early July of this year.

At the end of the exercise, a joint presentation of monitors and new nozzles for extinguishing large-scale fire, provided by the Fire-Rescue Unit, was put on. This extinguishing equipment appears, on our market, for the first time and is of great importance for firefighting.

According to the Director for Development and Exploitation, Sergej Arnaut, this is the first time that these kinds of firefighting exercise have been carried out on an oil base in Serbia, on this scale and with the support of the Emergency Situations Sector. “In this exercise we used techniques and machinery that the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center donated to the Sector. We are extremely satisfied with the readiness and the manner in which all participants worked together,” he said.

This kind of exercise is planned for the Ostružnica warehouse in 2019, with the assistance of the fire brigade from the City of Belgrade, and the participation of the firefighting and rescue unit of the Emergency Situations Sector, who will be located on a ship on the Sava River.

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