Thanks to the company's prize game, for the first time this year, representatives of Serbia participated in the Cosmic Excursion program with a zero-gravity flight at the Cosmic Center not far from Moscow. A flight on an airplane - a laboratory of the Ilyushin type used by Russian cosmonauts, enabled the participants to experience an unusual, zero gravity, state. As the winner of the competition from Serbia, Aleksandar Bjelić attended this exciting event accompanied by our famous actress Sloboda Mićalović, who is the face of this promotional campaign on behalf of LUKOIL SRBIJA.

“Impressions on the whole program are truly phenomenal. A zero gravity flight is an inexpressible experience, I could not have even imagined what was in store for me. As part of the Cosmic Excursion, we visited the museums of cosmonautics, aviation, and heard many interesting historical facts. The group of 14 participants was international in characters and I was happy to represent my country, but perhaps even more so because I am the first Serb to reach the edge of the stratosphere in a program supported by Russian RosKosmos.

We visited a multitude of Moscow sights as part of the program. Every moment was filled with interesting content and there was hardly any time to take a break,” Bjelic said, the luckiest of all participants in the prize game "Representatives of a Nation Without Gravity", and went on to say, “I would like to thank LUKOIL SRBIJA on an unforgettable experience I received thanks to this prize game. LUKOIL has shown that it is a great company and that people should believe in prize games. I poured fuel at a gas station in Prijepolje on one occasion during the prize game and my parents sent the code in without expecting to win anything, and I won the main prize.”

In addition to the main prize, LUKOIL SRBIJA also gave out trips on the Trans-Siberian Railway, three times RSD 100,000 for the purchase of high quality ECTO fuel and over 300 other valuable prizes. A young couple, Dragan and Aleksandar Begojev, also shared with us their most memorable impressions from their journey through 10 time zones.

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