​Immediately after signing the umbrella agreement - 2018 Cooperation Agreement between the City of Belgrade and LUKOIL SRBIJA, the representatives of the City and the Company, together with the Head of CЕBЕF Nаtаša Ilić, the Director of the Youth Belgrade Centre Dоm Оmlаdine Bеоgrаd Nеnаd Drаgоvić and the Director of the Youth Theatre “Dаdоv“ Vlаdimir Мiјоvić, signed the tripartite Financial Support Agreement for the implementation of 2018 projects of these three institutions. Signing of these agreements is a part of the program whereby the “LUKОIL” Company supports the funding of the City projects in the field of sport, culture, science and social welfare.

The Deputy Mayor expressed his gratitude to the LUKОIL Company for its continuing support. He also expressed his appreciation on behalf of the visitors of big festivals, such as the Belgrade international film festival FEST, the documentary film festival Martovski festival and the Days of Belgrade, considering that their funding has ensured the introduction of more resourceful and improved programs. He asserted that in addition, in the near future the citizens of Belgrade will be able to enjoy the renovated parks and invited the GM of LUKОIL SRBIЈА to present to the public all the completed works together, on the occasion of opening these parks. “This extensive cooperation does not merely end with the support we receive from our partner, but also includes the efforts of the City to enable the development of this successful multinational Company on the territory of the City”, said Аndrеја Мlаdеnоvić.

The General Manager of “LUKОIL SRBIЈА” Igоr Sеmеničеv pointed out that the Agreement had been the basis of the partnership between LUKОIL SRBIЈА and the City of Belgrade maintained for almost three years already and that this partnership had been productive. “Today, once again, we commit to providing our support to the City projects, with the aim to ensure their efficient completion for the wellbeing of Belgrade citizens and Belgrade institutions of culture, sport and social welfare. I would like to thank to the representatives of the City for the unwavering and worthy cooperation. I look forward to its continuance in the future.”

Nataša Ilić addressed the attendees on behalf of the institutions whose projects have been supported by the Company, paying respect to the LUKОIL Company for their recognizing the importance of these events not only for Belgrade, but also for the entire Serbia.

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