​The General Director of "LUKOIL SRBIJA" AD, Igor Semeničev, and the Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, presented vouchers which the Company allocated to the Street Children’s Shelter and the Home for Children and Youth with Disabilities in Veternik within the framework of the project for socially-responsible operations "Good Energy Launches Good Works".

- Thanks to the socially responsible operations of LUKOIL SRBIJA, financial support has been provided to two very important institutions in Novi Sad. I am glad that this Company was supported by the City Administration for Children and Social Welfare and OPENS, i.e., the youth of Novi Sad, in order for this action to be well implemented and the monetary funds be put to good use. This is a winning combination which I hope to see them continue, but also to invite other socially responsible companies in our City to join the various projects which are primarily in the interest of the citizens of Novi Sad - said Mayor Miloš Vučević.

Thanking the Mayor and representatives of institutions, the General Director of "LUKOIL SRBIJA" AD Igor Semeničev expressed satisfaction that the Company had the opportunity to actively participate in the life of the local community, within which it operates and develops a successful and useful cooperation with the City of Novi Sad. - This kind of action is necessary and we will continue to implement and support socially responsible projects, Igor Semeničev added.

The one-month humanitarian action implemented by LUKOIL SRBIJA at its gas stations in Novi Sad, with the support of the City of Novi Sad and OPENS 2019, ended on June 25th of this year, and the citizens made their contribution by voting for institutions that will receive a total of half a million dinars for the procurement of necessary equipment. After counting votes, it was determined that the Home in Veternik would receive a total of RSD 300,000 while the Shelter would receive RSD 200,000.

Youth organization "OPENS 2019" Coordinator, Vukašin Grozdanović said: - This project is an example of how we can make a real change at the local level, doing what we love and the reason we were named the Youth Capital of Europe. I am pleased that we launched and implemented this campaign with the company "LUKOIL SRBIJA" and the City of Novi Sad.

Representatives of the Street Children’s Shelter and the Home for Children and Youth with Disabilities in Veternik, Dаlibоrkа Bаtrnеk-Аntоnić and Оlivеrа Uglјеšić-Аbut, received the vouchers and thanked LUKOIL SRBIJA, the City of Novi Sad, the OPENS 2019 team and all citizens of Novi Sad who contributed to these two institutions receiving the money.

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