LUKOIL SRBIJA this year as well would give out fuel cards in cooperation with Dunav osiguranje as a part of their cooperation and joint presentation. At the conclusion of an auto Casco policy for new passenger vehicles being registered for the first time, we are giving a fuel gift card in the amount of RSD 4,000, as well as for used passenger cars. At the time of concluding the mini Casco policy for passenger vehicles, customers will receive an RSD 2,000 card for a fuel purchase at LUKOIL SRBIJA fuel stations. This benefits and special discounts presented director of the Directorate for the Sale of Non-Life insurance, Nemanja Petrović said. Speaking to media he emphasized that for auto liability insurance, with the purchase of at least two services from the “auto-bonus plus” policy, customers will receive RSD 2,000 voucher-cards for a fuel purchase at LUKOIL SRBIJA fuel stations.  

The special discount at Dunav osiguranje starts on March 18th and will last until April 30th of this year while the gift voucher - cards will be received from March 18th until April 12th, at all of the company's retail points of sale, in all Dunav centers across Serbia, through insurance agents and, of course, at the Dunav osiguranje stand in Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair, after the opening of this year's International Car Show. During this event, Dunav osiguranje gives out up to 5,000 cards to its insurance holders for fuel purchases at LUKOIL SRBIJA gas stations. The insurance holders are entitled to receive up to three gift cards for petroleum products in the amount of RSD 6,000. The gift cards are valid at all LUKOIL SRBIJA gas stations and can be used until August 31, 2019.

Cooperation with Dunav osiguranje started in 1998. In these past two decades, the traditional insured - insurer relationship has been surpassed, becoming a relationship of friendship. The company has always had a favorable position in terms of quality and price for insurance protection and the granting of non-refundable grants. In particular, this refers to employee insurance which is, according to insurance coverage and price, far above and beyond the quality offered on the Serbian insurance market. Within the framework of our cooperation with Dunav osiguranje, we have annual, employee physical examinations organized and financed by Dunav osiguranje.

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