Assistant Mayor Andrej Mladenović and Director of Economics, Finance and Treasury at "LUKOIL SRBIJA" AD Aleksandar Simbirjov signed cooperation contracts concerning financial support for the implementation of the Dadov project and the Belgrade Youth Center. As Mladenović specified after contract signing, this is support for the 2019 Days of Belgrade and the 66th Belgrade Festival of Documentary and Short Film - Martovski Festival, whose benefactors are these two renowned cultural institutions.

- For several years now, the City of Belgrade and Lukoil have enjoyed great cooperation and this company’s support, especially for city-wide cultural, sports, social and health programs, is very important. This is an example of how large companies operating within the territory of Belgrade recognize and feel the importance of social responsibility, as well as participating in other areas unrelated to their primary, successful activity. In this manner this company connects, in a very high-quality manner, services it provides for its users with the quality of citizens’ lives - Mladenović told Beoinfo, expressing tremendous gratitude to Lukoil and a belief that the cooperation will continue in the future.

Aleksandar Simbirjov added that the newly signed contracts are just a few of the many.

- The company intends to remain a reliable partner of the City. We hope that this support will contribute to the development of institutions and important projects, and that it will be of benefit to the residents of Belgrade and its visitors - said Simbirjov.

The signatories to these contracts are the Director of the Dadov Youth Theater, Vladimir Mijović, and the Acting Director of the Belgrade Youth Center, Nenad Dragović.

Mijović assessed that the funds which Lukoil has donated for years now are very important and that they give economic security to everyone. In addition, they enable the programs to be raised to a higher level and to offer quality projects of overall social significance. Dragović emphasized the "good connection" with the founder, the City of Belgrade, who has recognized the significance of cultural projects. Finding strong partner companies, such as LUKOIL, allows the City to implement important projects, Dragović added, reminding that this is the third year in which LUKOIL SRBIJA has given its support.

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