​​Deputy Mayor Andreja Mladenović and the Director of Economy, Finance and Treasury at "LUKOIL SRBIJA" Aleksandar Simbirjov signed a Cooperation Agreement at the Old Palace. With this Agreement, the City of Belgrade has continued its long-term cooperation with the Russian energy giant, which has proven itself to be a socially responsible company through numerous activities. 

"This Agreement is the product of excellent cooperation and mutual respect. LUKOIL is a socially responsible company, whose approach to business, as a basic principle, is the implementation of its core activity accompanied by a deeper contribution to the environment within which it operates. In this manner, the community develops, enhances, and receives new content”, Mladenović said.

According to him, four years ago, the City of Belgrade and LUKOIL recognized they had a common interest in the Russian company investing and developing its infrastructure, and opening new job positions, while raising the services it offers to the citizens of Belgrade, and its guests, to a higher level. 

“That is why we are happy and grateful to the company, and we have arrived at the joint conclusion that it is possible to spread this cooperation to other fields as well. LUKOIL has financially helped a series of events in Belgrade such as the FEST Film Festival, the Маrtоvski fеstivаl- Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Dani Beograda, Belgrade Liberation Day and, as of this year, the Jazz Festival, while in the past they have also supported the Let Us Nurture the Serbian Language campaign. There were also other forms of cooperation such as the landscaping of parks and public spaces, through which this company helped the City of Belgrade. This has also enhanced and improved the everyday lives of our citizens which is, naturally, the reason to continue cooperation with a socially responsible company. I hope that our future cooperation will be even more specific and improved", added Mladenović.

The Director of Economics, Finance and Treasury at "LUKOIL SRBIJA" Aleksandar Simbirjov stressed that this Agreement is a continuation of a long-term cooperation with the City of Belgrade. “We want to continue to support city projects in the fields of sports, culture, as well as social programs. Our support is directed towards the wellbeing of the citizens of Belgrade and I would like to express my gratitude, on behalf of the company, to the City of Belgrade for the support it has provided us during the implementation of our joint projects. I am confident that our cooperation will continue to develop to the benefit of both sides”, said Simbirjov.

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